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Whether you’re new to dancing, or looking to improve your style you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s take your Chicago Steppin' to the next level!

Up Close and Personal





One of Chicago's finest steppers, Brian "SteppinB" Patterson is one of the nation's most sought after Steppin' instructors.  SteppinB has been Steppin' since 1998 and with his natural talent and masterful skills, has become a "Consultant" for many notable Steppers.  He is known for his seamless ability to teach, dance and lead all parts of Chicago Steppin'.​

His love for the dance and "Vision" to introduce and enhance the popularity of Chicago Steppin' to communities nation wide, inspired "SteppinB to develop a progressive program of Chicago Steppin' to individuals and groups at all dance skill levels.  Providing solid fundamentals of Chicago Steppin', Brian offers private and group workshops for a range of community businesses including corporations, colleges and schools, both private and inner-city.  His classes are held in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Being influenced by the way of tradition, Brian also offers his talents for special occasions such as weddings and family reunions​


In 2006 SteppinB stepped out on faith and landed in the heart of Los Angeles which is where he now resides.  He admits "I had the opportunity to relocate and teach what I love to do and the ideal weather makes Steppin' here a year round venue".  Having been acclaimed for his  "SteppinB Workshop" classes, Brian's focus is on educating, teaching and demonstrating the basic fundamentals of Steppin'.  He is passionate about teaching, exemplifying patience to train any race, gender or age.  Being an enthusiastic stepper and instructor, he has shown that he is a Master as a professional consultant for those who want to train or prepare for competition.


Lessons & Group Sessions

STEPPINB.COM offers Lessons focused instruction of Chicago Steppin'  for men, women and children at every Dance level:

​Beginner - Intermediate-   Advanced- Competition  


GROUP LESSONS are held weekly in various locations throughout the Los Angeles area.  ​Private Lessons are available by appointment only.   For more information to to our Contact page and request an lesson with SteppinB.Remember  that practice make perfect so find your favorite stepper song and practice at least once a day to enhance your skills. 


The more you practice the better your dancing will be.  Remember to count your numbers!After workshop mingling and practice, there are a couple of hours for just dancing and socializing with other steppers from the workshop and guests who stop by after the workshop.  Stay and enjoy the atmosphere and  start your Steppin'.

Lessons Per Person
$15 per class

Lesson "B" CARD  -
5 classes \ 6 weeks Save $25 
$50 per card (plus transaction fee)
Private Lessons
$50 per hour / $30 per ½ hour
                Cash App Payments are accepted

SteppinBCashApp.png app-png-6407096.png
What some happy students say:  
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RANCHO Class  final 2022 August 5.jpg
RANCHO INGLEWOOD Class  final 2022 _832022.jpg
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Learn Chicago Steppin' at one of these locations.

Steppin' Out
Ballroom Dance Studio         

Steppin' Out Studios
8768 Archibald Ave, 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91730, USA

Dancer 4
Life Studio

Dancer 4 Life Studio

154 N. LaBrea

Inglewood, CA  90301 USA

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