CARLTON - Inglewood, CA

Considered one of Indianapolis, Indiana's best male instructors, his unique way of mixing his New School Style with the Old School Smooth flare that is Steppin is definitely something to be seen. In his short time doing this dance he's rapidly making a name for himself across the nation as one of the best male steppers out there . He moved to Indianapolis in 1997 by way of Chicago, Illinois and started Steppin in 2001 under the instruction of one of Brian’s former Student’s Victor James.  Victor saw that Carlton’s Hunger for the Dance was insatiable so he introduced Carlton to Brian Steppin B Patterson.  Under Brian’s watchful eye Carlton excelled in the dance at an amazing pace that surprised all his peers.

In 2011 Carlton re-located to California  where he continues to assist SteppinB in classes. 

When asked what inspires Carlton to do this dance he will tell you one word FAMILY. Steppers have such a close knit bond for the dance and passion in there in eyes when they hit the dance floor rather it be there first time or numorous times. The love for the dance is the same no matter where you travel North ,South , East or West. He see's everyone embracing the purity of the dance that he loves so much , no matter what there origin or nationality he see's his steppin family growing bigger everyday.

When asked what advice he would give to someone just starting out on there steppin journey. He'd tell them What you put into the dance is what you'll get out of it, so practice and more importantly have fun and he'll see you on the wood.


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