My name is Germaine Graham a.k.a Mz. GG. I was born in New Orleans, La but was raised in Sunny California.

While hanging out at the Jazz Cafe (my then favorite spot for Karaoke), I was introduced to Chicago Steppin'. While watching a class at the cafe, a young lady name Angel told me about SteppinB and said he offers classes in Rancho Cucamonga which is where I reside.  I have always had a passion for dancing so I was eager to learn Chicago Steppin'. I went to the class that Monday and the rest is history. Steppin' is now one of my passions and I am so very thrilled to be a part of SteppinB's crew and teaching at the Rancho Cucamonga class.
I am so inspired by this dance and are determined to grow professionally in it. I love people and enjoy seeing people happy. Chicago Steppin' makes people happy!

Germaine Graham GG



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