Jo - Los Angeles, CA

In May 2007, I attended a birthday party of a co-worker at the Hollywood Park Casino. I saw a banner with SteppinB's picture advertising about Chicago Steppin. My co-worker and I attended a couple classed together, she stopped and I continued.
Steppin is at the top of my hobby list. I remember rushing to class after getting off work every week, in my uniform, because I didn't want to miss class. I've had the opportunity to compete in several competitions, won one (1), which was an enjoyable experience.
Now retired, I'm thrilled to be able to assist SteppinB in teaching others on Wed/Thurs class of steppin, it is truly a joy to see the newbies come alive in this dance
Whenever I step onto the dance floor, I'm in a learning mode, because there's always something new I can learn. This is why I still dance.



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