RENEE - Los Angeles, California

Renee learned to love the dance form of steppin in her home town of Chicago.  She first was exposed to the partner style dance from her mom and uncle in the "livin room" and told to "get up and learn this!"  The dance was a part of the Chicago culture.  It was called "boppin" back then and it served as the basis for the Chicago style steppin that we are doing today. 

Once Renee moved to Los Angeles, California, her love for the dance was rekindled when she began to attend the steppin events in LA, struggling to match the old steps with the new ones-- only to realize that the dance had changed so much that truly a class or two was in order!  That's when she began to take lessons from Brian "SteppinB" Patterson.  "If I'm gonna pay, it might as well be from the best!" she said. 

And so it happened... "My lessons with Brian started about 2 years ago, his teaching techniques and organized class structure sho nuff helped my dance improve and I began to really enjoy steppin.  I didn't plan on teaching.... it was Brian's idea to invite me to come and help out with the class, and the rest is history."

"I am proud to be a part of the SteppinB professional group of dance instructors.  In Long Beach on Thursday night under the direction of the Master Teacher, Brian Patterson, we are providing great instruction while enjoying our clients as well as ourselves, and helping people to learn to love this dance as much as we do." 

Whether you are a beginner dancer or know a few things, we are organized to help you at every level of your dance experience, but regardless of where YOU are if you want to be a TRUE Stepper, you gotta PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  See you on the dance 


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