Shirley - Los Angeles, CA

Now known as 'Big Shirley' in the Steppin' Community,  I retired from 36 years of service with USC in Financial Services.  Besides traveling to my home state of Louisiana I decided to surf the web for another hobby. Up comes these picures of folks dressed up, smiling, and havin a Ball!  Come to find out from a bowling friend of mine (Phylissia Smith), It was a Chicago Steppin' event hosted by  Before classes I attended the Steppin' 4 A Dream Steppers event at the Proud Bird and I owe my first experience to a Lawrence Smith from Atlanta who danced with me for an hour!  A week later I dedicated myself to learning this dance and culture and still goin' strong after 2 years (January 2013) under the leadership and guidance of

   Being an asst. with  Brian 'Steppin'B' Patterson has made me realize that the dance/culture of Chicago Steppin' is forever evolving!  I thank him (Steppin'B) for bringing his skills to southern Cali. And ladies, it's ok to let the men lead, cause' they can make you feel sexy, sensual, and that you're the only woman in the world for that 3-4 minutes on the floor....until the next dance with someone else and it starts all over again. 

   I'm a Stepper for life with!



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