TRACEY - Rancho Cucamonga, California

A Native of Los Angeles California, Tracey had the opportunity to live in Chicago in 1987.   While frequenting some of the small lounges in Chicago's South side she saw the dance that the patrons called Boppin'.  Fascinated, she sought out her Chicago friends to show her how to do this dance.  She was told time and time again, "I can't teach you but I can show you" disappointed and frustrated she just left it alone.  

She returned to California and many years had passed when, one evening at an New Year's Eve party she saw a couple Boppin'.  Well, the fire was rekindled and she sought out instruction here in L.A.  After visiting a few different classes she came upon  The group was organized and friendly so she decided to stay.   The fire quickly became a Blaze!

Learning quickly, she took instruction 2-3 times a week traveling from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles.  Under the tutelage of Brian she has grown to "Love Steppin'" and has been assisting in spreading the Joy of Steppin' with for 3 years.  
Humbly, Tracey still considers herself a student of this dance and encourages everyone to stick to it, and practice, practice, practice. 
The payoff is the Ultimate Joy you feel when you are Steppin'!


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